Mr. Wallet is an attorney who acts as trustee of trusts. With over 39 years of experience in the field, he is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and Trust & Probate Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. The Probate Court frequently appoints Mr. Wallet in complex trust and estate disputes. Additionally, with the consent of the interested parties, Mr. Wallet is frequently able to offer further cost savings by acting as the real estate broker and waiving fiduciary fees related to the sale of real property, if feasible under the circumstance

Mr. Wallet is also a licensed California real estate broker with extensive experience in all aspects of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.


Much of Mr. Wallet’s practice involves serving in the capacity of conservator of estates. The Probate Court frequently appoints Mr. Wallet as conservator of the estate in those matters where substantial assets and complicated financial issues are involved.

Most notably, Mr. Wallet is formerly a co-conservator of the estate of Britney Jean Spears.


Representative of assets handled include administration and management of units of residential real property, commercial real property, businesses such as entertainment, restaurants, manufacturing, investments, entrepreneurial, art work, law practices, etc. Mr. Wallet’s fiduciary expertise is regularly utilized by the legal community in matters ranging from general trust and estate administration to complex litigation while managing a wide variety of assets.

Much of his practice involves serving as general administrator of probate estates.


Mr. Wallet is called upon by the legal community to render expert opinion testimony in a wide range of trust, estate, conservatorship and related matters. Opinions include but are not limited to standard of care of fiduciaries in all aspects of administration, reasonableness of legal fees, reasonableness of fiduciary fees, investments, sales and administration of real estate, surcharge, etc. Mr. Wallet’s opinions have uniformly been followed by the courts in the matters where he testified.

All court testimony as a qualified expert to render expert opinion on many cases.

Super Lawyer and Certified Specialist. Andrew Wallet

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Licensed California real estate broker with extensive experience in all aspects of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.

Active for many years as a lecturer and panelist on trusts, estates and conservatorship law and fulfills regular speaking engagements.

Fiduciary and Legal Counsel. Often able to provide substantial savings to the trust or estate by charging only fees for his fiduciary services.

Repeatedly named a “Super Lawyer” in the area of Trust and Estate Litigation by Southern California Super Lawyers magazine.

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